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The BigglesFM Tower Of Power Our Coverage
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In 1999 We Made Visit To The Old Sea Forts On Shivering And Red Sands (Just Off The Kent Coast)
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This Little Boat Took Us From Herne Bay
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Shivering Sands The 1960's Home Of Radio City 'It Sounds Fine On 299' (The names just visible under the rust)
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Knock John - Just A Little Further Out To Sea
For More Pictures Of The Forts Plus The Stations That Broadcast From Them Visit Bob Le Roi
Our Visit To The Radio Caroline Ship 'The Ross Revenge' At Strood Kent In 2003
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The 'Ross Revenge' The Mighty Aerial Insulator
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Russell Checking The Decks In The Main studio Alan Wishing We Were All At Sea
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We Were Lucky To Meet Tony Allen Part Of The Record Library
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Well Look What I've Found ! Mike Barrington And The 50Kw MW Tx
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One Of The Two Mighty PA Valves I Wonder Who Lives Here !
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The SW Tx For More Info Visit http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/