Carole Lindsay Douglas



About Carole:

Where was your first broadcast from?
BBCTV Studios, Norwich as a singer, being accompanied by Donald Swann on the Eastern Regional arts programme ‘Variations' in the early 70s.

What Was The First Record You Ever Bought?
(pop) Living doll – Cliff Richard; (classical) Scheherazade – Rimsky Korsakov (because of the colourful LP cover)

Favourite Songs
Anything by George Gershwin, Cole Porter or Jerome Kern – virtually everything in the Great American Songbook

Favourite Films
Mainly, the old black and whites with happy endings and fabulous clothes – starring Fred Astaire.c

What Is Your Main Occupation?
Head of the music publishing house Lindsay Music

Singing in the Amici Singers and with the Ensemble of Friends, antiques, reading, travel ..

Films and/or TV with excessive violence set in dark and dingy places