Here's A Radio Project We Recently Completed
Radio1.jpg (47598 bytes)
This lovely Ever Ready radio manufactured in 1947 is a MW & LW valve portable. 
Unfortunately the battery to power it is no longer available.
Radio2.jpg (32913 bytes)
So our job was to make a battery unit that would power it, providing 90 volt Ht plus 1.5 volt Lt
Radio4.jpg (25203 bytes)
The 7 'D' cells fit nicely into this box made from MDF (multi density fibreboard) and with an inverter
circuit to provide the necessary voltages, the box was sprayed and a logo found on the net.
Radio3.jpg (38363 bytes)
It sits in the radio where the original would be. The radio was also overhauled with new valves & capacitors
Radio6.jpg (48216 bytes)
It's time to give the radio back to it's owner - yes it's Paul Burnett, pictured in the Classic Gold studio
Radio5.jpg (32715 bytes)
The picture in the front is Paul as a child with his mother and the very same radio
Paul says he's thrilled with the radio now it works again. (pity it won't pick up BigglesFM - no FM band)