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Why Use Radio?
Radio offers flexible, quick and efficient targeting
Radio reaches out to everyone - including new customers
Radio has a "multiplier effect" on other media
Local Radio is a friend

Why Use BigglesFM?
Over the past 13 years we have provided professional and affordable radio advertising to many businesses in the local area, shops, service companies, trade and retail.

Our Advertising Packages
Our policy has always been to have a good balance between programme content and advertising, your commercial won’t get lost in a sea of adverts and as we are a not for profit organisation with no shareholders we can offer cost efficient advertising packages to suit all budgets.

Our advertising packages all include on-air commercials, website promotion through our ‘Business Finder’.
We can air urgent sale and special offer commercials very quickly.
All our commercials consist of a creative script to your approval and production to the highest standard.

Contact us for further information:

Alan Waring
01767 260111